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Sma BW_Zeichenfläche NEU
     a broad alliance of associations, welfare organizations and political youth groups. What unites us is the desire for a better migration policy in Saxony. Some of us experienced themselves, how arriving in Saxony feels like, others accompanied these arrivals and still others are part of this alliance because we do not want to continue watching the fortification of Europe also being carried out through municipal- and state politics.

If you personally or your group wants to join this alliance, send us your logo (if available) and two sentences about who you are and why you want to stand up for a state admission program. We add you to our mailing list, if you want. In the download area of this website you find our action kits, with which you can get started immediately.


The AG Asylsuchende Sächsische Schweiz Osterzgebirge e.V. is committed to helping refugees in the district. Through our work we have learned that, in addition to individual support, what matters most are fundamental political changes: Saxony must move away from its primacy of deportation at all costs to a policy of the right to stay! The state admission program is an important milestone in this regard.

The Sächsische Flüchtlingsrat advocates for a State Admission Program. We all carry responsability in ensuring that people who seek protection get this protection unconditionally. Saxony in particular has to overcome its Law-and-order-politics and has to put solidarity into practice.

We support “Stronger together in Saxony” because every human being, irrespective of their place of birth have the right to a life in dignity and freedom.

We as Linksjugend Erzgebirge joined the alliance „Stronger together in Saxony” because, all around the world, many people have to flee for various reasons and Saxonian politics for the most part works against these people. We have to advocate for a Saxony standing in solidarity, as well as for global solidarity, through which fleeing people are taken in appropriately and are granted opportunities for integration! We are a long way from an “appropriate” admission, all the while reception facilities with precarious conditions, like the EAE Schneeberg, exist and refugees get deported, for example from the Leipzig airport, in droves.

We Jusos Sachsen are part of „Stronger together in Saxony“, because we don’t want and can not be content with the current situation for refugees here in Saxony and at the EU external borders. We have made it our aim that everything necessary will be done to give refugees a true perspective. We perceive this association as a strong sign to commonly fight for change.

The Verein Zeugen der Flucht Dresden e.V. provides anti-racist educational work since 2019 in schools in Saxony but also beyond. Our work involves connecting people with and without experiences of flight in order to provide an intercultural exchange, which promotes an open and democratic society without racism. Furthermore, the aim is to reduce prejudices and to evoke more understanding for the situation of refugees.

The Klimacamp Leipziger Land is a place to live, work and fight together for mobility and climate justice. Since 2021, our focus lies on the airport Halle/Leipzig, because different fights for justice unite at this place. Not least the one against deportation. This is why we fully stand behind the demands of  “Stronger together in Saxony”.

We as Seebrücke Leipzig demand legal and safe possibilities of flight and refuge for ALL humans. Fleeing people have to get the necessary support, both during the escape and inside of Germany. This is why we demand: Saxony has to take in refugees!

The RLC-Dresden is part of the alliance “Stronger together in Saxony” because the Free State must do more to protect the rights of refugees. Years of experience in legal counseling show: the demands address the right issues. We cannot be satisfied with the conditions of refugees in Saxony. With a state admission program, Saxony can effectively show solidarity with people on the move, send a clear signal of cosmopolitanism and save lives.

Seebrücke Dresden campaigns for safe escape routes, sea rescue and the decriminalisation of migration. Since the city of Dresden declared itself a Safe Harbour in March 2022, the next focus is to improve municipal migration policies.

As the Konferenz Sächsischer Studierendenschaften, we officially represent the students in Saxony. As such, we have already positioned ourselves in 2015 to the fact that people who are on the run must also be helped in Saxony! To this end, we have already demanded a state reception program for third-country national refugees from Ukraine from the Saxon state government. We therefore naturally join the alliance ‘Stronger together in Saxony’. Because student life, education and research know no borders in our understanding.

We Piraten Sachsen support “Stronger togther in Saxony” because the admission practice in Saxony urgently needs to be reformed. That is why we have also stated in our basic programme that we reject any detention pending deportation, advocate decentralised accommodation and call for the abolition of compulsory residence for asylum seekers.

We Piraten Dresden stand for the basic values of dignity, freedom and participation of all people, regardless of their origin. That is why we support “Stronger together in Saxony”.

LinXXnet supports “Stronger together in Saxony” because every person has the right to a safe, good life! We cannot tolerate people being stuck at the gates of Fortress Europe, being pushed back by force, having to vegetate in camps or even dying. For us, an open Europe is not just a phrase. That is why we have been fighting politically and practically against borders and for the human right to freedom of movement for a long time. A state admission programme would be a building block for this!

The Green Youth supports the campaign because a humane asylum policy in Saxony is long overdue.

Salam e. V. is a migrant organisation in East Leipzig whose aim is to bring together people with and without migration experience and to build a transcultural meeting and counselling centre. We support “Stronger together in Saxony” because we do not agree with Saxony’s current policy regarding the reception and protection of refugees. We are committed to an unconditionally solidary community in which the dignity and protection of all people has top priority!

We as Protest LEJ stand up for the abolition of the deportation practice, for freedom of movement and the right to stay for all! We position ourselves clearly against any deportation, no matter from where and no matter where to, because deportations are always violence. We criticise the Saxon asylum asylum policy – a system based on oppression and racism. Every person should be able to make the free decision to leave one country and country and live in another. Therefore we also demand Saxony has to take in!

We support the alliance because we as Linksjugend Sachsen stand up for humanitarian values and cannot let people drown. There are many reasons why people decide to flee, and all of them are justified. We stand for a world without national borders.

We at Peperoncini e.V. stand behind the demands of “Stronger together in Saxony”, as people in vulnerable situations should not be forced through a hell of bureaucratic obstacles first. They need quick psychological care, quick prospects for the future and decisions by authorities that are made with care and a good will.

The Refugee Law Clinic Leipzig demands state reception programmes! We see the need for these again and again in our work on asylum and residence law. Other federal states are already putting this into practice. The fact that there is space and possibilities in Saxony is evident in the reception of refugees from Ukraine. We in Saxony have a duty to help all vulnerable people.

The Red Tree Zwickau supports “Stronger together in Saxony”, because a life in dignity and without fear can be possible for people.

In particular, refugees who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, inter, non-binary or queer need special protection and safe escape routes. Dignified life perspectives for queer people in Saxony must not depend on their country of origin! That is why RosaLinde Leipzig e.V. supports the alliance.

We, the Dresden regional group of Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste e.V., want to make clear that our commitment should go beyond raising awareness of the consequences of National Socialism and do justice to our current reality. We support “Stronger together in Saxony” because we are concerned about people whose rights are disrespected and, in general, who are being disregarded.